About Us

Inspired by the true American pride reflected in our apparel collection, we have joined forces with all of our patriotic brand's to bring you even more unique and diversified styles. Everything made and designed in Texas, we offer you styles with statement. Statements in style. Be a proud American. Be a Yank. We are United to be true to ourselves.


What we Stand for:

We are United - Individually, each of us has the power to succeed. But when we come together as one, we are united. We show our individualism proudly while uniting as one for the greater good. United, we can overcome any obstacle. We stand together proudly. We must withstand, without breaking.

We are Diverse - Each of us has a uniqueness that can’t be matched. It fuels us. It molds us. It can be put to use or washed away in monotony. But beauty can emerge. The essence of “beautiful” is unity in variety. As many, we stand for something. As one, we stand proud.

We are True - To be happy is to be true to who you are. Be original, be you. Don’t be scared to be bold. Don’t let fear control who you can become. Stand up and stand tall.

We are Proud - Be yourself. Be yourself proudly, originally, and unapologetically. Stand for your beliefs; stand for your style; stand for yourself. Let the world know the true proud American spirit that lives within us all.

We are Humble - The world will see more in your actions than your words. Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you. Don’t expect the world to fall at your feet. Go out and conquer it!


Behind the “Yank”

In a time before America had an identity, a diverse group of soldiers created a voice. Diverse, yet united, people banned together proudly and stood for what they believed. Thus, the United States came to be; and steadily evolved to define Americans by this shared set of values. Anyone who was willing to humbly give up his prior identity and assume a new American persona became an American, or a “Yankee” (later being further shortened to Yank).


My Story

I was 9 years old when my father passed away. He was only 33, but had already accomplished a lot by serving this great Country of ours as an American soldier. I never got to hear his stories due to him passing away so young.

honoring those who servedThe time with my grandfather had a huge impact on my life and who I am today. He was a WWII veteran, fought in Japan and sacrificed everything he had for us and our country. I spent every summer over at my grandparents’ house watching black and white WWII movies and seeing how it affected him.  I remember my grandfather making his own bullets, talking across the world on his HAM radio and best of all, I remember him taking me to General Dynamics in Warren, MI, where he worked on the Abrams Tanks. I grew up looking up to my grandfather who was my hero. He taught me what unity and diversity meant by sacrificing his own life to keep everyone, and I mean everyone, safe on US soil. Watching him go through life both as a soldier and a civilian shaped my believes in staying true to yourself, being proud and humble no matter what life throws your way. I always admired his life values and undeniable dedication and love for this country and I feel so blessed I am able to find a way to honor my grandfather, William Douglas Harris, as well as express my deep passion and appreciation for the United States of America through Yank Apparel.


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