What Our Clients Are Saying...

Husband approved!
Love the quality of the shirts (super comfy!) and love what this brand stands for! ~ Colleen

Great quality work and very comfortable! ~ John

Amazing quality and very cool designs!! ~ Jeremiah

Love these design and always love a business with integrity! ~ Jennifer

The clothes line is great!! But more importantly I recommend the owner and his outstanding attitude about life and his love for his family. Also the love and passion he has for the military and veterans. police and 1st responders. I am a former Marine , And after just a few minutes I knew Steve is the real deal . He was awsome to talk too. His passion and drive is incredible. He is not a guy just trying to sell clothes, he is a true WARRIOR to the cause a true PATRIOT. Helping our Vet brother and sisters with donations. Also reaching out to other groups to help our Vets down on there luck.

So take some time look at the line it really cool shit!! God bless you Steve and thanks for taking the time to listen to me. when you have PTSD it's hard to talk to people about the crazy shit inside.

But brother there is something good in side of you.

I hope more people have the privilege of talking to you. oooooorahhhhh Semper Fi.  ~ Kevo